Now, those who love nature can customize each new tab with our high-resolution images of natural wonders from around the world. Our world is blessed with awe inspiring natural wonders.

These images of spectacular landscapes, cliffs, majestic mountain ranges and roaring, raging rivers are just a few examples of our world’s geologic diversity. From the Grotto of Georgian Bay in Canada to Sognefjord Norway, the second longest fjord in the world, to the marble cathedral in Chile, formed after 6000 years of erosion – here you will find the best collection of natural earth wonders you simply won’t find any place else.

This collection of high resolution images is a tribute to some of earth’s most breathtaking sights. It is not just an assortment of the world’s topographic diversity but unusual and unexplainable natural formations that have resulted from thousands and millions of years erosion and weathering.

Find breathtaking images of mountains, valleys, cliffs, rivers, Wave Rock, Australia, Horse Shoe Bend, Grand Canyon, waterfalls, volcanoes, lakes.

Install Earth Wonders new tab extension and get HD wallpapers of Earth Wonders each time you open a new tab.

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