Italy HD Wallpapers New Tab gets you that much closer to your Italian dream vacation. Allow yourself to escape, if only for a moment, from your daily grind and dream!

Italy provides a virtual vacation and allows you to discover and learn about new piazzas, the Vatican, amazing coastal views, and historical landmarks. Visit Rome, Venice, Florence, Venice, Verona, Naples, Bologna, Turin, Pisa, Almafi, Palermo, Lucca, Bari, Sorrento, Tuscany, Milan, Siena, from the comfort of your home. Learn facts about each of these cities in Europe with every browser new tab using the available images and wallpapers description.

Customize your dashboard as you please, transform every browser new tab into your own personalized home page.

• Stunning images with every new tab
• Yahoo! and Google Search
• Apps and bookmarks at your fingertips
• Quick access to most visited sites
• Custom background: up to 20 personal images
• Weather information
• Date and time
• Chill out music

Install Italy new tab extension and enjoy HD wallpapers of Italy each time you open a new tab.

Find Italy new tab extension in the Chrome Store.

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